A Birthday Daffodil Cake

When I was asked to make a simple cake for an upcoming party at the Emerson for Ms.Emily H. Fisher’s 80th birthday, my answer was “I don’t really do simple”.

We discussed possible themes and I sketched away some ideas. We settled on a daffodil theme cake , a breath of spring after a seemingly never ending winter.

The first challenge was how to make daffodils out of sugar. A few tutorials on you-tube and I was off to practice. It took several tries but  I finally had  a break thru and made several dozen various types of Daffodils, they were very impressive in person.IMG_8680IMG_8775Next was baking , leveling  and icing  my darling husband pitched in and helped me on these cakes, while I kept making more flowers. Thanks honey you are the best !!!!IMG_8771EmersonCake_8259HRIMG_8847The birthday girl was very thrilled with her cakes….. I was relieved that they got to the party in one piece. Let just say the 25 minute drive was a little nerve racking.

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