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When Lucia Reale-Vogt was a kid she would spend hours in her room drawing and listening to music, not unlike many other kids her age, but what propelled her to explore this creativity further was a knowledge that she wanted bigger and better. She begged her parents to allow her to leave her local school and attend The High School of Fashion industries in NYC. This experience opened her eyes to all the possibilities of an art based career.

Gravitating towards the textile arts she soon started working immediately for some of the best fabric and textile companies in NY. Quickly working her way up the ranks she met with people that would inspire and help her grow.

While this career path provided her with an income it did not always fulfill the energy she had to create art, specifically through crafting and design.

When she left the full time corporate world her schedule was now free to explore all the various ideas she had mulling about in her mind.

Lucia has applied her knowledge of color, scale and texture to create paper arts, painted surfaces, dyed fabrics, cards and many other avenues, including baked goods.

Dipping into the well of endless passion Lucia brings her creativity to whatever she touches.

Often collaborating with her husband a professional photographer on photo sessions by bringing ideas and hand made backdrops and props has further expanded her vision.

Lucia left her native NYC 15 years ago and now lives and works in the Hudson Valley with her Daughter and Husband. Working from her studio space with the Overlook Mountains as a backdrop Lucia looks forward to continue creating.

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The best way to reach me is through email : lucia@luciareale.com




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