Batik or Bust……

This past winter left me wanting to try something new. So I thought maybe enough with the Indigo and Shibori and maybe try my hand at Batik and some new dye colors. I was so excited to try all my new supplies that I ordered from my favorite place Dharma Trading . So on the first warmish day I set everything up and spent several hours mixing colors, preparing dye baths, tieing, dyeing and painting wax resist designs on fabric.


Well the test pieces looked fantastic so I enlisted my daughter’s help and away we went. Dyeing for hours, laughing, listening to music and drinking coffee. We were delighted with our results and enjoyed seeing what the new colors looked like. It was a wonderful day …… until we washed our items.

IMG_1642 IMG_1641

Then wait for it…… all the color washed out. I mean every last stich of color. I get deeper stains from spilled ketchup. Needless to say it was a huge disappointment and we were really bummed. Then disappointment # 2 came when I boiled the batiks to get the wax out. All the color ran out and the wax did not, insert second sad face…

It was all fun and games until we got such bad results, clearly I prepared something wrong. We are anxious to try them again but first I will do some investigation as to what went wrong.

in this case it was clearly a bust……



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