Book Cake

All Cakes pose design challenges, this one was how to tie in three themes ( not necessarily related)  into one cake.


The three themes were: Cornell University Reunion, a 50th birthday and trip to Woodstock NY. So I brainstormed and came up with a idea/solution. I would make a stack of books made of cake representing each theme. I did a sketch and showed it to my client Melissa, we made a few small changes and were both very excited to see the final results.

IMG_5815 IMG_5813


It was challenging but a fun one to execute. IMG_5822

Melissa Gibson Inner Woodstock post on facebook. Talking about the event and the cake I made for her.


photo of me taken by very very talented husband Franco Vogt. Thanks honey !!!!

LuciaRealeVogt_CAKE-2888LR LuciaRealeVogt_CAKE-2890LR

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