it is a crewel crewel world.

I have been enjoying my newest craft or should I call it my latest obsession embroidery, also called crewel work when using woolen yarns.

I have been needing this obsessive craft given the current state of the world and all the anxiety it is causing me.

I called my dear neighbor Agnes who is a creative dynamo at 90 years young. I asked her to give me a few embroidery work pointers, we sat talked and embroidered for a few hours. It was wonderful to just visit with her, listen to her stories and watch her skillful hands sewing beautiful stitches, she magically threaded her needle in a way I had never seen before. She has created many fine pieces over the years, it is all over her home on pillows, chairs, foot stools and wall hangings.

Agnes teaching me some stitchessome examples of her fine work  I have played with some ideas I had floating around in my brain. I am exploring a way of bridging a classic craft with some modern twists. Here are a few examples of what I have been up to.


Ransom note hashtags

Negative space embroidery

Lip prints   

And of course I could not help myself but do an iconic Rolling stone LOGO.

I have some many ideas that honestly I feel like my hands can’t move fast enough.

Here are a few others I started making for a special quilt I will assemble one day for my darling daughter Nora.

Harry Potter 

Comic Book POW

Here is my current design a Sugar Skull it is not quite finished but really addictive.

The only down side to this particular craft is it very hard on me, I am suffering from too much embroider-itse and have sever joint stiffening in my hand and really exhausts my vision.

When it gets to be too much I take a break, move some wood and do more Spring Cleaning (another obsession).

Also am considering maybe finally opening up an ETSY shop.

It might be time we will see.

I am a crafter after all  and need to keep my hands & mind busy …..






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