Memories stitched with love.

Recently my second niece became pregnant with her first child. I was delighted to hear the news and started pondering about what I could give her and the baby.
 the Plan

She and my other nieces were very close with my mother (their grandmother/Nonna) and we all know how thrilled she would have been if she was here to see her going through motherhood. I knew I needed to make her something special so a quilt incorporating Mom’s shirts it was. I went with a pink & grey color scheme and searched for some tops that I had saved. I found 2 shirts and found a few other supplemental fabrics that would coordinate perfectly. This was to be the second commemorative quilt i make, the other one being for my first niece who had a sweet baby boy named Weston. So the color scheme and design was going to be totally different from his quilt, see blog entry (Memory quilt for my great nephew Weston).

Instead of going with square patches this time I decided on triangles. I hand cut each one and then made a rough plan of how I would lay it out. I arranged the triangles out on my dinning room table and with the help of my daughter we moved the triangles around until the layout felt balanced. Now onto the hard part. I don’t quilt very often (or really ever) so I watched multiple YouTube videos on quilting and started onto my own project. I machine sewed each triangle piece together into rows, then it all need to be ironed and then sewed the rows together to form the face of the quilt. After they were all connected I began the actual quilting part and hand quilted the face of the quilt onto a warm pale pink houndstooth fleece backing fabric. This process was quite obsessive and took many many days to complete. By the end of the process my hand was sore but the results of the hand quilting looked great.

All that was left was one last DIY how to video on how to attach the binding seamlessly. This of course always seems easier in the demo than in the actual process. After sewing for 45 minutes I realized that I had attached the binding on incorrectly, I had to remove it all which was a long and slow process. Once I corrected it, the final results looked pretty great. The last step was ironing on the patch that I embroidered which was an adorable elephant silhouette taken from one of the fabrics I used on the face of the quilt.

the back of the quilt


I packaged it up and sent it off  to my niece in time for her shower.  She was delighted to open the gift and already draped it over her soon to be daughter’s crib.

My beautiful niece and the quilt


I realized a few things while making this second quilt.

  1. In quilting one must embrace some imperfections which add to the total look of the quilt.
  2. I need a different thimble.
  3. Sewing is one of the greatest skills my mom taught me.
  4. And lastly when my hands are busy creating is truly the time I am happiest.



I am already making the next quilt for great niece Little Miss Paisley who will turn one this year, I guess better late than never.


Thank you always to my husband who is always supportive when I become involved (obsessed) in such an all consuming project and to my daughter whom I constantly bounce ideas off of and who helps me in many facets of my projects.






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