Personalized Flap-book for Weston’s 1st birthday present

I first had the idea for a personalized book 10 years ago when my darling girl was two years old. She loved books and she loved being read to by her Dad.


That is where the idea blossomed from. I incorporated photos of us into one of her favorite kids book Where’s Spot?

photo 2So when my niece’s baby turned one it was time to make one for him. photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 13 photo 14  photo1 2

Here are the steps I took to get the job done.

  1. Scan in photos that could work on each page.
  2. Trace the exact shape of each page that you will be replacing with your own photo for size and dimension.
  3. Photoshop all the backgrounds to solid vivid colors that will make the images feel more cartoon like.
  4. Add a thought bubble that says NO, which was in the original book.
  5. Have the photos printed out.
  6. Cut the photos out and doublestick tape them into the book.

And viola a very cool keepsake…..


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