After my Sunday morning cappuccino made by darling Husband, I did my usual check email, facebook and then look at my Pinterest Boards. My daughter and I decided we would to try what looked like a simple and fun up-cycled project.

It is always great to do a project when you actually have all the materials necessary in your craft closet. No run to Michaels necessary for this one.

Supplies are simple:

  1. old Cds’
  2. paint brushes
  3. an array of acrylic paint
  4. a skewer

Covering the cd’s took 2-3 coats of acrylic paint. That might have been the hardest part, waiting for the paint to dry in-between coats.

my number one favorite craft partner, my girl seen here in the background.

IMG_9152 IMG_9165 IMG_9168 IMG_9167 IMG_9166


Scratching the cd’s was totally fun, it exposed a rainbow like sheer design. I think we need to paint and scratch both sides, so both sides are decorative. If I coat these with a waterproof sealer I might hang them on a tree outside.

Maybe Coasters?

Some kind of cool mobile?

Any other ideas what to do with them?

Let me know if make some you know you want to.



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