Sometimes you gotta go with Plan B

My second oldest niece Amanda was getting married and she asked me to make her wedding cake. I immediately starting scheming, planning, sketching and researching cake ideas. I also immediately started worrying about baking in a kitchen that was 2500 miles away from my home kitchen. Also the scale was going to be rather large since it was for over 100 guests.We settled on an elegant three tier design with rhinestone trim and a fairytale topper.

I packed up everything I thought I would need and shipped it off in a big box to sunny Arizona. My brother ordered me a beautiful cake base that matched the trim perfectly so we were all set.

I’d like to say that rest was easy. Not exactly…. After baking and frosting all six batches of cake over the course of two days, the day finally arrived where the decorating of the cake begins. Here is where Plan B came into play. I had planed on doing a thin ruffly fondant strip decorating on all three tiers. But 10 minutes into starting the process I knew something was very wrong. Either it was the heat of Arizona, or the pesky fondant texture my ruffles were floppy. So I took a deep breath looked at the box of tools I shipped my self and found a set of petal cookie cutters. That is where I came up with the tier drop petal effect. My niece Jessica & husband stepped in and helped me roll out and cut out hundreds of petals. It was a laborious and somewhat tedious process but in the end I think the effect was even more beautiful than my original plan.

_DSF3118 _DSF3151

The cake was delivered in my sister-in-law’s Prius and lets just say it got there in one piece despite a little bumpy road along the way.

_DSF3153I was proud of the cake that I made for my beautiful niece and her husband on their special day. And as the fairy tales go, may they live Happily Ever After…….


A big shout out to my husband for always helping me with everything I do. He is my rock and keeps me sane during most if not all my creative endeavors.


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