People I love

Health and Fitness

Lysa Ingalsbe – Nutrition and general well being. The best.

Renata Halaska – Pilates instructor. Wow what strength..

Jill Ann Schwartz – Dancer/choreographer.


Cheri Voss Salon. Hair Stylist extraordinaire


Franco Vogt Photography. I have even slept with him.


Jan Huling – Just amazing.

Kim Sager – artist and designer


Marcie Bronkar – designer, and mentor

Nan Tepper– web design

Pam Voth & Tim Barrall – art direction and just plain talented.

Neil Eisenberg – web design

Susanna Ronner – graphic design

Barbara Schaeffer -product and surface design

Faith Marten-designer, jeweler and  counsultant


Suzanne Bonser – painter and designer

Victoria Rosenblatt – painter and designer


Kristen Noel – Life Coaching entrepreneur/self empowerment author

Nora Vogt- guest blogger/ inspiring me to do great things everyday.

Craft Resources

Fiber Flame– workshops, drop in, gift shop

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