Vintage Lace & Button Cuff Bracelet


Hello friends and Happy Summer!!

I have been very remiss in my blog posts, however I have been busy crafting, painting and working. 

I recently was looking at some crocheted lace my grandmother made and in the bag where a a few small pieces mixed in . I remembered seeing a cuff made with lace and buttons on pinterest. So I decided to give it a whirl and make one myself.  I dug out some old buttons, pearls and beads plopped myself in front of the TV and embellished away. It was time consuming but really addictive. I even used my Bedazzler for adding a few rhinestones.

IMG_0922IMG_0901LuciaRealeVogt-3My beautiful pilates teacher Renata Halalska modeled it for me and it looked so nice on her I gave it to her.

I don’t think this will be the last cuff I make, might have to try making some with dyed lace too.

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